AppetizersHomemade Sausage

Ready in: 15 minutes

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Automatic program: FRY



Pork 300 g
Beef 300 g
Pork fat 200 g
Onions 200 g
Garlic 50 g
Vegetable oil 70 mL
Natural sausage casings


·         Rinse the meat and run it through a meat grinder with the fat, onions and garlic. Mix in the salt and spices. Attach a sausage nozzle to your meat grinder, put a sausage casing on the nozzle and tie a knot at the end. Run the meat through the grinder and stuff the sausage casing. Adjust the sausage length with the help of a thread. Pour the vegetable oil into the bowl and set the sausage in. Do not close the lid.


·         Press MENU and select the FRY program. Choose PRODUCT and MEAT. Press the HOUR/MIN button and set the COOKING TIME for 15 minutes.


·         7 minutes before the program finishes, open the lid and turn the sausage. Close the lid and cook until the program finishes.