CheeseHomemade cheese

Ready in: 35 minutes

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Automatic program: MULTI-COOK



9% cottage cheese 1 kg
Butter 130 g
Egg 100 g
Soda 10 g
Salt 10 g
3.2% milk 1 L


Put cottage cheese through a meat grinder, separate egg yolks from the whites, soften the butter. Combine butter, soda, and salt in a separate container. Pour milk into the bowl and close the lid. Select “MULTICOOK”. Set the temperature of 80°C and the time of 20 minutes. Cook until the program finishes. Open the lid, add cottage cheese and mix well. Close the lid and leave on “Keep Warm” for 10 minutes. Wet cheesecloth with cold water and put two layers of the cloth in a sieve. Place cottage cheese inside and allow to drain. Tie four corners of the cheese cloth together and hang up above the sink to continue draining. Put cottage cheese into separate container and combine with butter and egg yolks. Place mixture into the bowl. Select “MULTICOOK”. Set the temperature of 80°C and the time of 15 minutes. Cook stirring continuously until the mixture starts melting. Grease a separate container with butter, place cheese inside, and leave it under light pressure in the fridge for 10–12 hours.