If it’s a multi cooker, then it’s REDMOND!

Main CourseBeef Fettuccine

Ready in: 28 minutes

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Automatic program: PASTA/FRY



Beef (fillet) 350 g
Tomatoes 150 g
Onion 200 g
Carrot 140 g
Fettuccine pasta 130 g
Water 1 L
Meat stock 150 ml
Olive oil 40 ml


Cut beef into 2 cm cubes, slice onion into semi-rings, grate carrot, and chop tomatoes. Pour water into the bowl and close the lid. Select “PASTA”. Set the time of 8 minutes. After an audible sound is heard, open the lid and add pasta. Close the lid and cook until the program finishes. Put pasta in a sieve and rinse. Pour oil into the bowl, add meat and vegetables. Select “FRY”. Set the time of 20 minutes. Stir-fry with an open lid for 18 minutes, add stock, mix, and cook until the program finishes.