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Pressure Cooker REDMOND RMC-PM400

Brief description

REDMOND RMC-PM400 is a 2-in-1 multifunctional appliance that acts as a versatile multicooker and high-tech pressure cooker. RMC-PM400 makes everyday and festive cooking as easy and fast as possible. You don't have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen: just place the food in the bowl of the pressure cooker and select one of the 13 automatic programs. RMC-PM400 takes care of the rest!

The RMC-PM400 functions as a pressure cooker

The pressure cooker features six automatic cooking programs, in which the lid is hermetically sealed, and the cooking chamber is pressurized. The lid opening mechanism locks, and it becomes impossible to open the pressure cooker before the end of cooking.

At high pressure, the boiling point of the water exceeds 100°C: this means that many dishes can be cooked in RMC-PM400 much faster than on a cooker top or a classic multicooker. For example, it takes 15 minutes to cook a flavourful fish soup and 10 minutes to make a nutritious diet dinner of steamed chicken cutlets with rice! Brief heat treatment preserves vegetables, meat, fish and other products with maximum vitamins and nutrients.

RMC-PM400 is equipped with a multi-level safety system to make pressure cooking as safe as possible. If the temperature and/or pressure in the appliance's cooking chamber exceeds the permitted level, the system will automatically normalize these values without stopping the cooking process, or it will stop operation to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring.

RMC-PM400 works like a multicooker

RMC-PM400 also works in multicooker mode - at normal pressure. Want to bake a cake or bread, make homemade yoghurt or French fries? Use one of the 7 automatic programs that operate at normal pressure. At the touch of a few buttons, you'll create the ideal conditions for any of these and many other dishes. The automatic VACUUM program helps you effortlessly prepare delicious sous vide dishes at home, which require a long time to maintain a stable, relatively low temperature to within a degree. Meat and vegetables sous-vide retain all the natural juices and natural structure, are obtained tender, flavorful, and very healthy.

MASTERCHEF Lite function

RMC-PM400 is equipped with the MASTERCHEF Lite function, which allows changing the settings of an already running program at any stage. Did the meat turn out tough and bake longer than you planned? Or is the cream sauce for the fish starting to boil over? Increase or decrease the cooking time and temperature* without stopping the current program. The multicooker will reach new parameters and cook everything the way you want! Use MASTERCHEF Lite to make a dish according to the author's recipe. This function makes it possible to set a precise time and set a temperature between 35 and 180 °C with an accuracy of 1 °C.

Cook with REDMOND

Download the "Cook with REDMOND" app on your smartphone and cook different dishes with the best recipes created especially for your multicooker! The app is very handy: all the recipes are divided into categories and include detailed instructions on how to prepare the ingredients. Following the recipe, you can easily make cheese fondue, juicy roast beef or honey muffin.

Redmond - a professional in your kitchen!

* Temperature adjustment with MASTERCHIEF Lite is available in the DAIRY, VACUUM, BREAD, BAKING, YOGURT/DOUGH, FRYER/DEEP FRYER programs.

Technical characteristics

Power 900 W
Voltage 220–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Electrical safety class I
Bowl capacity 5 L
Bowl coatingnon-stick Daikin®
Display LED
Steam valve removable
Lid removable
Safety system (4 safety features) : • steam release valve
• thermal fuse
• lock valve
• excess pressure sensor
Overall dimensions 320 × 320 × 290 mm
Net weight 4,6 кг ± 3%
Программы Pressure cooker mode:
Multicooker mode:
MASTERCHEF LITE (changing the cooking temperature and time during cooking process) yes
Keep Warm up to 12 hours
Keep Warm mode disabled in advance yes
Reheat up to 12 hours
Time Delay up to 24 hours
Audible signals disabled yes
Control panel lock yes
- Electric Pressure Cooker
- Bowl
- Steaming container
- Trivet
-Measuring cup
- Stirring paddle
- Serving spoon
- Power cord
- Carrying handle
- Cookbook
- User manual
- Service booklet
Warranty 2 years
*The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programs and Features


This function allows changing the temperature and cooking time settings while the automatic programs are running so that the food cooked in the multicooker always suits your taste and preferences! MASTERCHEF LITE allows using the appliance for sous-vide cooking, which involves cooking food for a long period (up to several hours) at a relatively low temperature of 60 to 80°C. Thanks to the MASTERCHEF LITE function, you can also easily customize the appliance to prepare complex dishes combining several cooking techniques (e.g., frying and braising).

The function is not available on some programs, please read the manual of your appliance carefully!


RMC-PM400 has 13 cooking programs for everyday and festive table dishes. Programs allow cooking a variety of meat, poultry, fish and seafood dishes, vegetarian meals, cook porridge, soups, side dishes, pasta, pilaf, stir-fry automatically, with minimal effort and time.

Some of the programs of the pressure cooker work at higher pressure, so that the cooking time of some dishes is halved. The possibilities of the appliance are complemented by a delayed start and auto-heating, which, if necessary, can be turned off in advance.

The "RICE/GRAIN" program is used to prepare crumbly porridges and side dishes of rice, buckwheat, and other types of cereals.

The "SOUP" program is intended for preparing dressing soups (soups, borscht, rassolnik), cream soups, vegetarian soups, broths, and some drinks.

The "STEW/MEAT JELLY" program - designed for stewing meat, fish, vegetables, cooking some side dishes, casseroles, and meat jelly.

The "SLOW COOK" program - for cooking various braised dishes, e.g., classic Russian washes, German knuckle meat, home-made braised meat, meat jelly. The program runs for a long time with a gradual change in temperature from high to low.

The "PILAF" program is intended for cooking different types of pilaf with meat or poultry, vegetarian pilaf with vegetables and fruit, as well as Spanish paella.

The "STEAM/BOIL" program is intended for boiling in water or steaming meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and multi-ingredient dishes, baby, and diet food.

The "OATMEAL" program is intended for cooking dairy porridge made of rice, oats, corn, and other types of cereals.

The "VACUUM" program for the sous-vide cooking of various products. The food should be packed in special vacuum packs before cooking.

The "BREAD" program is designed for baking different types of bread: classic white bread made of wheat flour, corn bread, wholemeal bread, black rye bread. The program automatically performs the full cooking cycle from dough proving to baking.

The "BAKE" program is intended for the preparation of biscuits, pies with various fillings, muffins, casseroles, omelets, and foil-baked main dishes.

The "YOGURT/DOUGH" is intended for preparation of natural yogurt from milk and yogurt sourdough, proofing dough.

The "FRY/DEEP FRY" program is suitable for frying meat, poultry, fish, and multi-component dishes, cooking some dishes and side dishes in a deep fryer.

The "EXPRESS" program is intended for cooking rice, buckwheat and other crumbly porridges. Within this program, the appliance automatically stops operating once the liquid in the pan has completely boiled away.


The function is designed for convenient heating of chilled or cooled food to a comfortable temperature.


The time delay function will allow you to delay the start of the program by up to 24 hours. Breakfast, lunch or dinner will be ready just in time!


The valve is intended for safe release of steam produced in the bowl during cooking. The removeable valve makes the appliance easier to look after, after every use you can easily clean the valve under running water.


The RMC-PM400 multicooker is equipped with a Keep Warm function that starts automatically at the end of the cooking process and keeps the food warm for up to 12 hours. You should use this option wisely, because prolonged heating can dry out the dish.

The function is not available on some programs, please read the manual of your appliance carefully!


If temperature maintenance is undesirable for some reason, it is easy to turn it off both during cooking and when entering a main program.


With audible signals the multicooker alerts you about some programs reaching the operating parameters (for example, the signal sounds when you reach the desired temperature in the Fry program), as well as the end of cooking. If the beeps are unwanted, for example, you are afraid of waking up the child or do not want to distract from your work, you can turn them off beforehand.


REDMOND RMC-PM400 is equipped with a multi-level protection system. Immediately after starting a pressurized program, the lid of the appliance is blocked, and it becomes impossible to open it without depressurizing it through a special valve. If the user needs to interrupt pressure cooking or the power supply to the appliance is interrupted, the lid also remains locked until the pressure is released.

The overheat protection mechanisms and the chamber pressure control system interrupt the cooking process in the pressure cooker mode if the temperature and/or pressure in the chamber exceeds the allowable values. When the parameters come back to normal, cooking automatically resumes. If the values are not normalized within a certain time, the operation of the pressure cooker stops completely.

Enjoy your meal and be healthy!

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2 years warranty
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