REDMOND Master Class for Retailers in Italy

“Why do we need restaurants if a REDMOND Multi Cooker cooks perfectly? “- our Italian partners said about the new REDMOND Multi Cooker.

In April 2014, REDMOND presented the new Multi Cooker model, in Milan for the Italian market. REDMOND organized a workshop for regional managers and partners in Italy.

Our Italian partners and dealers found new culinary advancements. The chef cooked a juicy steak, marbled pork and trout, stuffed potatoes and traditional Italian cuisine such as pasta all’arrabbiata and mushroom risotto.

After tasting, our Italian partners shared their impressions and had a discussion. Giancarlo Aletta, a SAGEMCOM NSO Italian marketing manager said, “I was absolutely sure that making risotto in a Multi Cooker would be impossible. Usually, preparing this national dish requires close attention, but I noticed that today the risotto was effortlessly prepared – bellissimo!

SAGEMCOM project manager, Sylvain Hochert, said: "I measure even the best restaurants on one dish - the steak. I must say that the medium rare steak, which REDMOND prepared for us today, is above all praise. Why do I need a restaurant, if the meat can be perfectly cooked with a Multi Cooker? "

Our Italian colleagues noted that REDMOND Multi Cookers are exactly what Europe needs right now. With a modern life-style, there’s little free time left which makes a REDMOND device irreplaceable. They said a Multi Cooker can prepare thousands of different dishes for the whole family (including baby food), it gives people more free time, it’s healthier and it retains the natural vitamins and minerals in the food.

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