If it’s a multi cooker, then it’s REDMOND!

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Breadmaker REDMOND RBM-M1907-E

Brief description

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<p><b>REDMOND RBM-1907</b> bread maker is a modern multifunctional appliance. Besides making delicious home breads, pastry and desserts <b>RBM-1907</b> can be used as a multicooker to make soups, porridges, various main dishes, even yoghurt.</p>

<p><b>RBM-1907</b> bread maker can easily handle kneading and proving. You can make any sort of bread you have ever dreamt of: classic home-made, French loaf or quick bread. Wholegrain or gluten-free bread for your healthy diet? No problem!</p>

<p><b>RBM-1907</b> can even help you choose the colour of the crust on your bread: light-brown, golden-brown or dark-brown. Just set the required parameter.</p>



  <li>High-power </li>


<p>17 cooking programmes
  <br />
Crust colour selection function
  <br />
The appliance enables you to add ingredients upon an audio signal
  <br />
Time Delay function up to 15 hours
  <br />
Autoheat up to 1 hour
  <br />
Non-volatile memory
  <br />
LCD screen
  <br />
Non-stick bowl coating</p>

    .main_option {
        padding: 10px 0px 10px 0px;
        color: #ffffff;
        background-color: #E91E55;

<div class="main_option">100 RECIPES COOK BOOK INCLUDED!</div>

<p>If it's a bread maker, look no further than <b>REDMOND</b>!</p>
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Technical characteristics

Programs and Features

€ 159.00
In stock
2 years warranty
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